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Dado Joints

Deep dado joints - each slat sinks deep into the hand and foot rail, to hold back your large dogs and children. With small pets, we can make the slats close together!

Slats are 1 1/2" wide and 3/4" deep. You get to pick the slat spacing.

For Exterior Use

Each gate is 2 1/8" thick. Works with any standard or decorative strap hinge from your local hardware store. Weatherproof your gate with Thompsons Waterseal each season for long life.

Screwed and Reinforced

While strap hinges will carry the load of the gate, the sides are not only screwed in but reinforced with brads and glue throughout the entire hand and footrail.

Ready to Ship!

Customer Photo

Cedar does release tannins, so use multiple primer coats before painting a light color.

Customer Photo

This customer painted the gate brown to go with his vinyl deck.

Strap hinges

These hinges should span at least 1/5th of your handrail width, and - even more ideally - 1/4th of its width, to prevent gate sag.

Customer Photo

This customer used a semi-transparent stain to have the gate match her deck. She elected to get a very short dual-panel gate.

Personalized Details

This customer wanted a cat opening on their gate, much as we do for our interior gates at Gates2U.com

Select Grade Cedar

Wood tones can vary from very light to mid-brown. We work to select like woods, or compatible woods and grains.

Another Shipment!

Our carpenters complete another work order.

A Kit in Process

Your kit instructions will give you all the details about how to build up the hand and footrails, space your slats, attach the sides, and install your gate.